Services / Translation

DPP employs a multi-lingual and diverse team of translators to suit every field ensuring that the highest standards are achieved. We can translate your materials into Turkish, English, German, Russian or any other major language and also edit or proofread your existing materials in those languages.
DPP offers translation, proofreading and interpreting services on all topics in all world languages with its notarized certified translators.


Our prior objective in service is to translate your texts with excellent quality at competitive prices adopting the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. Moreover, confidentiality and privacy of your documents is meticulously preserved by us.

  • More than 750 experienced interpreters – translators in all world languages
  • Punctual and reliable translation and proofreading service in all world languages
  • Interpreting service in all world languages
  • Notarized translation service in all world languages

Why translate into Turkish?

Weather it is your brochure or website, passing a message across using the own language of your customers has always been a winner. Here are some facts – showing you why to consider translating your website or brochure(s) into Turkish.

  • Turkey’s primary education system is not at a high level when it comes to teaching languages. As a result, most of the population above the age of 40, have very limited understanding of other languages.
  • English is the most common foreign language used by younger population, but students or customers often struggle to fully understand your product or services and tend to choose the one that they understand better.
  • In Turkey the decision maker is usually the person who makes the payment, and often this is the parent or guardian of the young customers who prefer to read it in their own language.
  • Having your materials translated into Turkish will put you one step ahead of your competitors and ensure you sustain and increase your market share.

Translation and Proofreading

We will need the full text from you (ideally in the layout order). Then our specialised translator will start the work, making sure that the text is translated into Turkish or any other languages you require with the contexts kept the same. The file will be sent to you to check before the work is finished.


If you wish you can have the translation proofread elsewhere, or one of our other translators can take care of that. If your translation is a part translation and only certain parts will be translated, we will need the full text with the required section highlighted so we can make sure that the text keeps it flow.