Services / Distribution

Shipping of brochures and printed materials from majority of the countries are often quite expensive and a heavy burden to the already high marketing cost. By storing and shipping from Turkey you will save on the courier costs as well as take advantage of the lower labour costs involving packaging and delivery.


At DPP we are dedicated to keep your costs to minimum as well as provide a fast and reliable distribution service for those companies that want to keep a presence in the market. We believe every saving you make with our help will help your marketing budget stretch further and reach more people.


If you feel that you are missing big opportunities in Turkey, Western and Eastern Europe or The Middle East, or if the shipping costs from your country are too high; DPP will provide the solution you are looking for. We can supply a complete distribution service encompassing domestic and international delivery by post, courier or freight. We use the best and worlds leading distribution methods.

By distributing your materials with DPP
You Will

  • Reach your agents, students, distributor or suppliers faster
  • Have a guaranteed delivery, on time and faster for any events or needs
  • Check your stock online (real-time stock information)
  • Have your materials stored for free and securely by us
  • Receive notification on returning items (where possible we will find the correct details for you)
  • Order your material distribution in a way that suits you
  • Reduce your distribution costs (domestic or international)

We are offering the below Distribution and Storage services
  • Secure Storage of all your materials (free for those who print or/and distribute with DPP)
  • Shipping of your brochure(s) or marketing materials within Turkey
  • Distribution of your brochures to Western and Eastern Europe or The Middle Eastern countries
  • Sending envelope(s) with single brochure, insert and a personalised cover letter (domestic or international)
  • Delivery of brochures and other materials to fair or exhibition venues

Packaging and tracking is included in our services.

All our shipments are insured. DPP has Secure Storage facilities to store your materials in secure sites and deliver or distribute them at your request. Storage facilities are offered free of charge to those who Print or/and Distribute their materials with DPP. If you already have or prefer to print your materials elsewhere, but would like us to do your distribution please let us know. We will only need the bulk materials delivered to us and we will take care of the rest of your needs.


What makes us different?

We deliver an efficient, dedicated and responsive service that larger distributors find difficult to provide. We aim to work with, rather than just for, our clients – they are all important to us.

Distribution & Storage

Our distribution services is flexible and we let you choose and when to place your order.

You can provide us your list of clients as a database or spreadsheet and order your shipments from this list by giving us a reference or the name.

You can choose to send us your orders each time you want to send a shipment.

You can use our web interface to let us know your orders.

We will notify you on any shipments that are returned and where possible advise you on the new contact details.

A price list is available for shipments within Turkey.

Please let us know your requirements for International shipments as the price differs per country and each countries weight specifications are different. Our clients often send shipments to the Middle East (especially Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Oman) and Eastern Europe (especially Russia and Ukraine), as we believe the current postal system in those countries is not offering a good service and shipments are usually lost.

Our customers often send fewer materials to reduce costs or pay hefty courier fees from their own country. Often we get bulk materials delivered or printed with us and shipped to those countries.
Costs from Turkey are often much lower compare to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK or some other European countries.

Storage facilities are offered for free to our customers who use our printing or distribution services. If you are not using any of those services we can still offer some storage, please contact us with your specifications.