Fast, Reliable, Competitive, Experienced

DPP is a complete marketing solutions company, providing help to companies and schools to maintain their market presence in certain countries at a minimal cost. DPP consist of a team of experienced professionals, who have variety of experience working in the printing, design, distribution and translation industries as well as some young and talented new graduates who are keen to show the world their worth. We are here to help you to gain market share or growth in Turkey, Eastern Europe or Middle East Our promise is to deliver an efficient, dedicated, and responsive personalised service that larger distributors find difficult to provide.

  • Design Print

    Design & Print Services

    While many of you may rely on the internet to supply the prospective clients with your information, the importance of the printed materials remains very real. The Majority of us would like to physically‘ see and touch...

  • Distribution Storage

    Distribution & Storage

    Printing and design alone are not sufficient and neither do they complete your marketing plan. Meeting deadlines, reaching your clients first, having enough supplies with your representatives all depends on a reliable and...

  • Translation

    Translation, Localization & Transcription, Subtitling and Voiceover

    DPP offers translation, proofreading and interpreting services on all topics in all world languages with its notarized certified translators. Our prior objective inservice is to translate your texts with excellent quality..